Fashion month is in full effect and New York City is up next, this brings the return of Kanye West and his controversial Yeezy fashion show.


Now with two shows under his belt I guess you could call Kanye a seasoned member of New York Cities fashion community, however with Yeezy season 1 sales stagnant all over the world we are going to investigate whether this is really Yeezy season.


It has been heavily reported that Kanye’s Yeezy season 1 in collaboration with Adidas is doing extremely poor in retailers around the world. Destroyed sweaters at sky high prices clearly aren’t a fan favourite.


Stores like Selfridges and Barneys have been forced to put a lot of season 1 on sale reducing prices by almost 50%, however prices are still at the top end and consumers just aren’t buying it. Pricing is clearly an issue and if the quality isn’t enough to entice buyers how successful are you?


Kanye obviously caught wind of this and is trying to rectify the problem. A few months back when he was ambushed by TMZ at an airport he stated that his next collection will drop significantly in price, with no release date for season 2 and season 3’s presentation on the way we guess we will just have to wait and see.


Although his own clothes are struggling to sell, over the past year we have seen Kanye’s overall influence in the fashion world balloon especially at the lower end of the fashion community. Often referred to as fast fashion stores like Zara, H&M and Topshop have been hit with the Yeezus buzz.


The unobtainable prices of Yeezy season 1 has created an under belly of copy cats who are replicating Kanye’s designs and selling it in their stores at more reasonable prices. Now bomber jackets and distressed denim are clear staples. The Kanye West look is more accessible, no matter where you go you see countless Yeezy inspired outfits.


For a creative like Kanye the main goal is to influence the world and he is clearly doing that, he is running the fast fashion world, and as his own clothing line continues to grow and prices drop he could potentially be one of the biggest names in high end fashion.


As a collective we are very excited to see Kanye’s new Yeezy season 3 presentation, with such a broad taste we have no idea what to expect but we know it will be interesting. Hopefully he will take a similar creative direction as his earlier collections military inspired couture.


Kanye West is undeniably one of the greatest creative’s of our time and you cannot ignore his influence, however we think we need at least two or three years of dominance to really call this Yeezy season.


Words by @ntim_zac


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