30 year old Léa Seydoux seemingly needs no introduction. One of France’s biggest film stars, she has certainly earned her place amongst Hollywood’s elite, featuring in films such as Midnight in Paris, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and Robin Hood. If you weren’t familiar with her before, we’re sure you won’t forget her after seeing her as the latest Bond girl in Daniel Craig’s latest 007 outing, Spectre.


Already a style icon with effortless Parisian flair, Seydoux’s wardrobe as Madeleine Swann is sure to be the envy of many. Being a Bond girl however isn’t just about showing up in beautiful dresses, although this something that she does with ease. She’s been keen to promote that James Bond has "became a feminist", with her character and that of her co-star, Monica Bellucci having a profound influence on the famous spy. 


Ultimately though, there’s no denying that Seydoux is a fashion icon for our times, her godfather is Christian Louboutin after all (he gave her her first pair of Louboutins aged 12!). For the red carpet premiere of Spectre she wowed in a glittering floor length Prada gown, swapping to a chic Schiaparelli number for the after-part. Her on-screen style translates well to her own everyday choices, playing the epitome of a European fashionista. One of the sartorial highlights of her time in Bond is a pale green Ghost dress, adding a nod to the old glamour of Bond girls past.


Seydoux is of course, also known for modelling for many magazines and fashion brands, including Levi’s iconic ‘Dangerous Liaison’ campaign. She once famously claimed however that she “is always an actress” and not a model in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, but as someone who regularly features on the best-dressed lists however, it could be hard to tell the difference.


How does Seydoux manage to look so poised and confident on the red carpet? Speaking to the Guardian, she said, “It’s a disguise. I put it on when it’s time to do press, but that’s not what I am. Nothing’s really changed. I have to still be the child I once was, otherwise I couldn’t act. And to be a child, I have to be a bit transparent. I have to disappear.” It seems however that Seydoux won’t be disappearing for too long, with appearances in film It’s Only The End of the World alongside other famed French stars Marion Cotillard and Vincent Cassel, as well as the new Gambit film starring Channing Tatum, due next year.