There’s not many artists who could take a three-year break from music and not only make a comeback, but smash global records – all in the space of the week. We’re not just talking about anyone however, we’re talking about Adele. It is hardly surprising then, that the singer, whose last musical outing was the multi-platinum, Oscar winning ‘Skyfall’, has re-emerged on the scene with ease, blowing everyone else out of the water. Let’s explore in more depth how ‘Hello’ has made its mark.


When we last saw Adele in 2012, she was riding high on the success of ‘Skyfall’. It seems good timing then that ‘Hello’ would land the same week that the newest Bond outing, Spectre would be making its debut. With no warning, no notice, the video for ‘Hello’ was posted just last week on YouTube, and at last count had received over 185 million views, beating the previous record of Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’. As Beyoncé previously proved with the unexpected release of her self-titled fifth album, a surprise release makes for a good strategy. ‘Hello’ will be the first single to be released from Adele’s third album, 25, which is already riding high in the pre-order charts.


What Adele has brought us with ‘Hello’ is not only an emotive, powerhouse of a song, but a must-see video too. Xavier Dolan is the man behind the video, which is a raw, stylish and emotional epic perfectly fitting for the song. Black and white and featuring Adele looking incredibly glamorous in her usual heavily lined, voluminous style, it tells the story of a young woman calling her younger self and flashbacks to a previous relationship with a man, played by Tristan Wilds (who some of you may recognise from 90210). It’s a beautiful portrayal and really aims for the heartstrings in a way that not many others can do these days.


What’s great about Adele is that there are no egos, no diva outbursts, she cares about her music and that’s why we won’t see her churning out tune after tune in a bid to stay popular, which could be a large part of her appeal. Speaking to Vanity Fair, Dolan said: ‘I think great artists have no time to waste with having disproportionate egos and irrational requests. They’re too focused on their work to actually lose themselves in hysterical spirals where they become monsters or tyrants. Smaller artists might feel enough insecurity to go that way; but artists like her, in spite of their doubts and fears, remain grounded and never lose sense of their priorities. They respect the people around them’. With this in mind, ‘Hello’ is surely a sign of great things to come from 25, and we’re already getting excited.


‘Hello’ is currently Number One on the Official UK Singles Chart, whilst 25 is due for release on November 20th, and is available to pre-order now.